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Loess Hills Harley-Davidson® is your local Harley® destination. You'll be in hog heaven when you see our 30,000 square foot facility, full of a large selection of new and pre-owned Harley-Davidson® bikes, parts & accessories, and top-of-the-line clothing. If you're in the market for a used bike, we can help you find the perfect pre-owned ride. Plus we take all trades...if it has a title and wheels, we can make you a deal! Further more, if it's service you're after, stop in and see our shop; our techs have over 50 years of experience wrenching and racing Harley-Davidsons®. Visit Loess Hills Harley-Davidson® for bikes, maintenance and all of your Harley-Davidson® gear.

Recent Reviews

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Im extremely impressed with the teamwork and knowledge of the service team. Whether its selecting pipes, audio upgrades, engine upgrades or a simple oil change I know I will get a thorough overview of the work Im requesting. I have been able to make more informed decisions based on the feedback they provide. Thank you Loess Hills HD!
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Danya Anderson
My husband & I were first time customers at Loess Hills, looking to upgrade my current bike. Tony answered all our questions, took time to explain things all the while handling two sets of customers at once. He was respectful, patient and ended up making two sales. We never felt put off while he dealt with the other couple and vice versa. Great experience! (Employee: Tony Moses)
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Heather Pemberton
As a newer rider it is great to have a resource like Crane who can answer questions I may have about my bikes and how I can improve the comfort and fit. (Employee: Crane Lynn)
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Glenn Maddock
This bike deal started when Nycole sent me a note on FB marketId been kicking the idea around of downsizing/trading. Took a ride to see Joe and Tonythe enablers of all things wonderful about motorcycle discussions. Then, i ran into old acquaintance Glenwhile having our chat and on my way through service to the toybox, I see some big ugly motorcycle I dont need whatsoever. But of course I inquireGlen and Dan took some time and we made it work logically for both parties on a trade. Dealing locally and having dealer support becomes an important factor as we progress into the hobby and/or lifestyle. Lots of choices locally, so visiting and supporting the passionate guys/gals like Joe, Tony, Glenn holding on through thick and thin tells you its enthusiast-employees that keep us coming back to events and to buy these beauties. Im happy to be a returning customer. (Employee: Tony Moses, Glen McCoy, Dan Bressman, Nycole Christensen, Joe Garcia)
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Darrell Gressley
The price was the best part of my experience. I like this store. It took two emails to get a response to get scheduled. They got me in four days after the day I wanted. The bike was clean and oil changed so mission accomplished (Employee: Jason Scheef)
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Jason Reid Sr.
Glen had me in and out with a flash. I was able to get the bike that I wanted at a great price. Glen provided exceptional service and made me feel like I was appreciated. I will purchase all of the bikes from Loess Hills because of the great service that Glen provided to me. Thank You (Employee: Glen McCoy)
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Scott Wilson
I had some bars exhaust work Anna stage 2 Kit put on it all went quick and easy (Employee: Crane Lynn)
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Marvin Sumrall
From the first time I talked with Glen he was very helpful and informative. If I had a question, he had an answer. His knowledge about Harley bikes is astounding. The other sales team that I talked with was helpful as well. I look forward to meeting everyone. I highly recommend Loess Hills for any and all your motorcycle needs. Thanks again for providing me with an awesome ride !! (Employee: Glen McCoy)
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Todd Benton
Very professional and pleasant cool person! Answered all our questions and was great to work with!! (Employee: Amanda Placek)
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Todd Benton
Loved Joes sales approach! Very informative not pushy at all, a true professional Harley salesman!! (Employee: Joe Garcia)


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